Mary-chan’s Call

Disclaimer: Mary-chan’s call is a well-known Japanese Urban Legend, it is by no means something original that I came up with. I do own this (hopefully original enough) story though.


I stared at the digital clock on my desk, the glowing green LED showed that it was past 9 PM. I knew that I should be sleeping but somehow I just couldn’t relax enough to sleep. Well, I had just arrived to this new house so I guess I simply couldn’t get used to the awkward feeling yet. Father and mother had left to have dinner with father’s acquaintance from work meaning that I was alone at home but they should be home soon enough.


Our family moved from our Tohno home to Tokyo just a week ago due to my father’s job transfer and promotion. Of course, I also got enrolled into a new school as a transfer student. Fortunately, everyone in my class was nice and no one bullied me or calling me names for being a country hick. In fact, we had a plan to hang out tomorrow.


I let out a sigh as I looked around my room, most of the items are quite familiar but more than a few were new including the alarm clock and my new personal computer. Even though I’ve seen them every single day for the last week, I still couldn’t help but found something off about them… or more like that wasn’t there.


You see, when I was a child, I saw this extremely adorable doll in a toy shop. We would pass the shop everyday when I was going to and from school. In fact, I used to take the time to stop in front the shop everyday just to look at it.


Until one day, father came home from work with a bright expression, apparently he had received a bonus from his job and he had a present for me. He handed me a box wrapped in beautiful paper and inside was the doll that I had wanted since the moment I laid my eyes on it. I had been my treasure since then until….


I was broken out of my thought when an unfamiliar tone resounded from next to me. I turned toward the source and saw that it was my mobile phone, another new item that my father bought for me, it was an old flip model but it worked well enough for my need. I picked it up and looked at the screen but instead of a name or number, it showed “Private Number” instead. Out of curiosity, I flipped it open and pressed the speaker against my ear. From the other side, a small girl’s voice spoke to me,


“Hello, this is Mary-chan. I’m now in the dumpster, please find me.”


I instinctively knit my eyebrow as I opened my mouth to reply but before I managed to get a word in, the call had been abruptly cut. With a frown, I flipped the phone close before staring at it as I thought to myself,


‘Okay… that is a very rude prank call… it is bad enough that I couldn’t find Mary-chan but someone had to pretend about it was just plain cruel.’


Feeling even more terrible than before, I found it even harder to relax so that I can sleep when my mobile phone rang once again. Again, the caller ID showed the words “Private Number” but I didn’t care as I pressed the receive button. I pressed the speaker against my ear once again and sure enough the same small girl voice spoke,


“Hello, this is Mary-chan. I have just reached Tokyo, please pick me up.”


Just like before, the phone was cut off before I managed to get any word in. I felt my blood boil as I imagined the smug expression of the person at the other side of the phone. Not once but TWICE they send me a prank call pretending to be Mary-chan.


I put my phone on my lap as I crossed my arms, my brows knit together as I stared at it. The person would call again for sure and this time, I’d give him or her a piece of my mind. Sure enough, a few minutes later, the ring tone resounded once again and I picked it up the moment the first tone came. I checked the screen once again and sure enough, “Private Number” is there. I took a deep breath as I readied my response before I pressed the answer button but this time I screamed to it instead,


“Would you cut it out, already?!! I don’t know or care who the hell are you but I have had enough of your prank call! It is rude and extremely annoying!!”


I panted for a few minutes to catch my breath before pressing my ear against the speaker once again. Instead of apology, I heard the same voice spoke again.


“Hello, this is Mary-chan. I’m nearly at the convenience store at the end of the street, will you pick me up?”


I pressed the end call button before turning the device off completely. My anger was so great that I really wanted to throw the phone across the room. Fortunately, I managed to barely rein in the impulse as trying to explain to my parents why my new mobile phone were in pieces was certainly won’t go well at all.


At least with the device turned, I knew that the prank caller won’t be able to reach me anymore…. Or so I thought. As if to debunk my expectation, I heard the house phone rank instead and I desperately resisted the urge to scream. I decided to ignore the call and hoped that whoever was calling from the other side would give up soon.


Unfortunately, whoever was calling prove to be very determined to get me to pick up the phone instead as the ringing continued for minutes. I growled as I stood up and headed downstairs to pick up the phone. I raised the handle and put it on my ears as I shouted,


“I told you to CUT IT OUT!! Call me one more time and I’ll call the police on you!!”


I waited for response from the caller but instead of the voice of the prank-caller, I heard a different familiar female voice instead that caused me to realize that the person on the other side was not the prank-caller… but my mother as she spoke,


“What’s wrong, dear? Why are you shouting like that?”


I blushed as I hurriedly answer her,


“Oh, It’s just you, mom. Umm… Sorry about that… it’s just… someone keep making prank calls on me for the last hour. I mistook you for them….”


“Is that so… well, is that why your mobile phone is turned off? No wonder my call couldn’t get through. Well, I’m just calling that it seem like your father and I won’t be making it home tonight. Your dad’s car had an engine problem and refused to start so we will be spending the night in a hotel nearby and called a technician first thing in the morning.”


“I understand, mom.”


“Well, good night, dear. Don’t forget to lock the doors and windows, okay?”


“Of course, mom. Good night.”


“Good night, dear.”


I placed the receiver back on its place and released a sigh as I pondered,


‘Geez… that was awkward…. It’s all the fault of that prank caller… just who could it be anyway… sure, some of my friends back in Tohno knew about Mary-chan but… I can’t imagine them pulling this kind of cruel prank.’


My thought was broken by the sound of the house phone ringing once again. I wondered if mom had forgotten to tell me something as I picked up the receiver and put it over my ear once again. Contrary to my expectation, a familiar voice of little girl spoke to me,


“Hello, this is Mary-chan. I am in front of your door,  will you welcome me in?”


Like before, the call was cut right after before I heard the front door bell ringing through the house as if on cue. I knit my brows together as I placed the receiver back on its place and looked at the wall clock hanging above the phone, the needles showed that it was nearly midnight.


‘Just who would visit us this late at night… and what is with this timing….’


I heard the doorbell rang once again and I sighed as I made my way to the front door. Once I reached it, I peeked through the peeking hole to see who was on the other side just to be in the safe side.


However, contrary to my expectation, I saw no one on the other side. I knit my brows again as I pulled back for a moment before I peered through the hole one more time and again, only the view of the house’s empty driveway was visible.


Wondering if it was a parcel delivery, I opened the door slightly before I pushed my head through the gap. I looked around but saw nothing that suggested anyone had been there, no parcel, nothing. I sighed as I closed the door once again and leaned my back against it as I thought to myself,


‘Great… as if prank calls aren’t enough… now I got ding-dong-ditched… this is ridiculous….’


Deciding to go back to my room, I switched on my mobile phone while walking up the stairs. Once I was inside, I glanced on the clock and saw that it has passed midnight and I really need to sleep. I barely took a few steps toward my bed when my mobile phone rang once again with the same “private number” on it.


I let out a sigh as I flipped it open and pressed the accept button but I didn’t put it on my ear anymore. Instead, I’m planning to just let whoever on the other side talked without actually listening to them.


As before, a girl’s voice came through the speaker. My eyes widen in shock as I heard them speak clearly despite the speaker being so far from my ears,


“Hello, this is Mary-chan. I’m right behind you, will you turn around?”


Suddenly, I felt a chill through my spine as I realized that the voice really did came from directly behind me. I slowly turned my head to peek behind me but again, I saw nothing… until I turned my body around completely and….


My eyes widen even more as I saw it… no… her… a small doll, can’t be more than 30 centimeters in height, she had a familiar cute red ribbon on her head, her long wavy hairs while somewhat dirty were unmistakably golden just as I remembered them to be, creamy face which also has some dark patches on it but in no way obscured its cuteness, a pair of blue eyes like jewels that were staring at me unblinking and most importantly, a cute red dress with white frills that I remembered having sewed them myself as member of handicraft club.


I was stunned, so much that I swore that I must had been standing there with my mouth open for minutes yet no word were spoken. Slowly, I came back to my sense as I slowly bent down and reached for it with trembling hands. I gently slipped my hand under the doll’s underarms and lifted it gently as I stood up until it was right on my eye level.


Somehow, a bizarre thought passed through my mind as I remembered the pranks calls which had been disturbing me all night. My voice trembled as I spoke to the doll,


“Mary…-chan? Could it be… that those calls were from you…? Did you really actually called me and told me your location for me to pick you up…?”


I didn’t know what I was expecting out of it, afterall Mary-chan is a doll. Still, I couldn’t help but wish that she could really answer my question but alas it seemed that whatever magic that allowed her to call me had ran out. Slowly, I pulled Mary-chan into a hug and before I knew it, tears streamed down my eyes. I was happy, really happy. Afterall, Mary-chan had come searching for me.


Suddenly, I remembered a piece of information from the time before I got Mary-chan. I had asked about her from the antique store owner and he told me,


“You see, little miss. This doll is special, she is at least 100 years old and it was said that it was created by a extremely talented doll maker who treated it like his own daughter.”


Another memory popped into my mind, this time it was a folktale told by my grandmother to me as a child,


“Have you ever heard of “Tsukumogami”? It is said that an item that has reached 100 years old will gain a spirit of their own. If their owner treated them well, then the spirit will me a benevolent one but if the owner treat it poorly, then the spirit will search for revenge to them.”

Chapter 1: The Heroine is a reincarnated person?!

Chapter 1: The Heroine is a reincarnated person?!


I opened my eyes with a snap but immediately regretted it as a bright white light pierced through my eyes causing me to immediately shut them back as I groaned. The sound of something scraping against the floor followed by a soft thump of something being placed on the table nearby alerted me that I wasn’t alone. A voice, clearly female, nearby hurriedly spoke, “Ah, you’re awake. Here, let me help….”


I felt a slender arm on my back gently helped pulling me into sitting position by stacking pillows behind me before speaking again, “Ah, you must be thirsty. Please wait, I’ll get you some water.”


I felt the presence next to me moved away, presumably to get me the water. Slowly, I tried to open my eyes once again, allowing them to adjust to the light little by little until I manage to get them fully open.


Once I had my eyes completely open, I realized that I had been lying on a single bed with white linen cover on. A glance around told me that I was most likely in an infirmary if all the medical tools were anything to go for. Suddenly, my vision was blocked by light cream color as the person from before stood before me with a glass of water, “Here you go, please drink them slowly.”


As I accepted the glass and drank the liquid, the person sat down back to the chair next to my bed before taking the glass from me once I was finished and placed it on the table. Finally, she spoke to me with voice tinged with obvious concern, “Well, are you feeling better now?”


I turned to the girl as I answered, “Yes, I….” … am fine was what I wanted to say but as I looked at the person, I was so shocked that the words were stuck on my throat. In front of me was a girl with long bright blonde hair, white skin that is almost transparent, big eyes with the color of cloudless sky and small red lips that complements her heart shaped face. Truly she was a beauty that would turn heads just standing still. Amazed by her sheer beauty, I unconsciously muttered her name, “Melisa vi Lumieria….”


The girl tilted her head cutely as she looked at me with questioning eyes, “Yes, that is my name… but…  I’m sorry but did we meet before? If we did, I sincerely apologize since I can’t seem to recall….” I blushed as I realized that she had caught my muttering as I stuttered, “Ah… no… umm….”



Yes, there was no way that we would ever meet before…. Our social position was way too different after all. I mean, I was nothing but a run-of-the-mill commoner living in a village far from the capital while she came from the noble house with the highest position second only from royalty. Her titles include but not limited to: Daughter of the Duke Lumieria, Fiancee of the crown prince, Future queen of the kingdom and many more titles.


How did I know all that? Simple, it was because she was someone that I had seen in another world. Yes, another world… I knew now that those flashes I had been experiencing since I arrived to this school wasn’t delusions or de ja vu… they were memories… memory of my previous life.


When I was unconscious, I regained a portion of the memory of my previous life. I couldn’t recall my personal information, not my age, my occupation, or even my gender but I knew I was a person living in a country called Japan. In that world, there was no magic but in exchange, it was significantly technologically advanced.


One of the proof of their technological advancement was existence of something called a computer… a device that is capable of many things, from doing complex calculation that would make one’s head explode to entertainments and games. This world… was the world of Otome Game that my previous-self had played in such a device.


The game name was “Rose Waltz” and the premise was this school. During the game, the player would control a female character who encountered different male characters as possible love interests: The crown prince, the crown prince’s best friend who was also heir of a duke house, son of the pope of the national religion, all the way to the young genius who was set to become a world famous professor. There was also a harem ending where the heroine would end up with all of the love interests at the same time but it seemed that my previous self never got to reach that ending.


It seemed that as in the fashion of such genre, other than the love interests, there were also the love rival characters, largely themed as “Villainous ladies” who would be trying to get in the way of the Heroine’s romance. Each of the romantic interests route had their own rival characters for the heroine to face… and this girl, Melisa vi Lumieria was one of them. Specifically, she was the rival character if the player were aiming for the prince as love interest.


What makes “Rose Waltz” different from other Otome Games however was that none of the rival characters were actually “Villainous”. In fact, all of them were portrayed as proper nice girls with some unusual quirks which would actually serve to make them more “adorable”.


Moreover, even among them, Melisa vi Lumieria stood out as a magnificent girl gifted with beauty, brain and attitude and more than anything was shown to be a girl who truly loves her fiancé. On the other hand, the “Heroine” would be the one who would obsess over the love interests so excessively that she would even set up plots and dirty tactics to break the engagement of this amazing girl… Seriously… my former self must be quite the black hearted person….


“…ou… kay… excuse me, Are you okay?” A soft voice from nearby caused me to snap from my thought. I turned to the owner of the voice and blushed as I realized that during my inner monologue, I had actually forgotten about the existence of the person occupying it nearby.


I cleared my throat once before replying, “Ah… yes… I’m okay. In fact, I feel completely fine now; I apologize for making you worry.” I pushed the blanket covering myself before turning my body as I prepared to get down from the bed. As I stood up, the other girl also rose from her seat as if to assist but I shook my head to refuse before showing that I was completely okay by standing on my own perfectly.


The blonde showed a gentle smile as she spoke, “Well, I’m glad you’re okay. I was surprised when you suddenly collapsed while sitting next to me. The teacher carried you to the infirmary and you missed the rest of the welcoming ceremony.”


I nodded in understanding; I had figured that much to be what happened. I also didn’t miss the fact that she most likely had come to check on me immediately after the ceremony, hence why she was still wearing her uniform. I let out a sigh inwardly, seriously my previous self… of all game to play and character to ruin, you had to pick this one… why couldn’t you pick one who actually had villainess with terrible personality…?


The sound of the noble daughter clearing her throat brought me back to reality as she spoke while looking at the tall clock at the corner of the room, “Well… since you also missed the tour of the school, you probably doesn’t know where your dormitory room is, right? If you like it, I’ll gladly guide you there.”


As she spoke, the girl took out a piece of paper from her pocket. She probably had asked a staff member for my dorm room number before she came here, truly a capable female with good head on her shoulder. She still got one thing wrong though, I did know where my room was as part of my memory of the game but since correcting her would cause suspicion, I decided to follow along as I bowed deeply, “Ah… yes, that’s right. Umm… please take care of me… umm… Lumieria-sama.”


She showed a bright and gentle smile which reminded me of one belonging to a saint told in tales and legends as she reaplied, “Yes, please take care of me too….” She paused for a moment before continuing with apologetic expression, “umm… I’m sorry, I don’t think I have caught your name yet?”


I blushed as I realized that she was right now that I thought about it as I hurriedly answered her,  “Ah… yes… My apologies… my name is… Teana… just… Teana.”


Still in bowing position, I chance a peek on the noble girl’s expression and noticed that she had raised her eyebrows slightly before turning back to her previous gentle expression as she spoke, “Ah… I see… so you’re the rumored new student with rare magic, right? Well… it is nice to meet you too, Teana-san.”


She paused for a few seconds before speaking again with tone laced with humor, “Oh, can you please raise your head already? Right now, while we are at school, we are just fellow students.”


I finally raised my back and faced the still smiling blonde as she spoke, “Well, shall we go then? The welcoming dinner should be starting in a few hours and you still need unpack, right?” I nodded silently in response before she turned around and walked toward the door while I followed behind her.


The blonde led me through the school building to the girls dormitory building. As we walked, she explained a few things about the school rooms and dormitory since I had missed the school orientation tour. By the way, most of the school faculty seemed to be largely located in the main school building including classrooms, library, Art room, club rooms and staff room which means that most of the school activities would be done inside the main building.


The other buildings other than main school building were the auditorium / ballroom hall which was used for important events and balls and Dormitories where the students would be staying during their schooling period. The dormitories themselves were separated between male and female students and going into each other were strictly prohibited without proper permission from the dormitory managers.


After a while, the girls’ dormitory finally came into view as we turned a corner. The dormitory looked like a three stories tall European mansion if the lines of windows were to go by. It has light pink painted wall and bright red roof, giving it a feminine touch. A double door served as its front and main entrance with another double door at the back that led toward the back garden where the students can do their study or host tea parties.


Even from a distance, the building looked nothing short of luxurious. By the way, from the game, I knew that the boys’ dormitory actually looked exactly the same as the girls’ from the outside other than the blue color scheme rather than red.


As we entered the building, an interior that couldn’t be described as anything else but “lavish” spread before my eyes. From the soft red carpet that extended from the main door to the main stairs, shiny marble floor without a speck of dust on them all the way to the crystal chandelier above. It was basically something straight out of a fantasy shoujo novel.


A gentle pull on my sleeve returned me back to my sense as I glanced toward the gently smiling perpetrator as she spoke, “Are you okay? If you keep your mouth open that wide any longer, a fly might actually be tempted to enter, you know?”


I felt my face heat up as I realized that I had been standing there stock still with my mouth open, literally. On the other hand, the blonde let out a cute giggle as she seemed to find my reaction quite amusing, much to my further embarrassment. Well, at least I knew that she didn’t mean any ill will with her comment though it still took her several minutes before she stopped laughing.


Once she was calm enough, she spoke again with a smile as she turned around, “Well, come on. We still need to get you to see the dormitory manager and find your room.” I nodded silently, still not quite relieved from my earlier embarrassment, as I followed her.


Fortunately, the dormitory manager’s room was quite near. In fact, it was the first room to the right of the entrance with a gold plate with the word “Manager” on it. Melisa knocked on the door twice and waited for response before a female voice came from inside the room, “A minute.”


Before long, there was the sound of a lock being detached before the door swung open, revealing a woman in her mid 20s or early 30s with shoulder length pink hair, “Hmm? You are… Lumieria, aren’t you? What is it? Don’t tell me you already got in trouble in your first day?”


The blonde shook her head before replying, “Of course not, Alyssa-san. I’m here to introduce you to this new student here. She had missed the orientation due to health problem and had been in the infirmary this whole time.”


The pink-haired woman, Alyssa, hit her palm as she seemed to have figured out something, “Ahh, the girl who collapsed right before your freshman greeting?”


The woman turned her attention to me as she spoke again, “Well, you’re just one very unlucky girl, aren’t ya? Well, welcome to the girl’s dormitory. My name is Alyssa Fill, just call me Alyssa. I’m the manager of this place, so if you have any problem with your room or anything related to this place, just come to me. You can usually find me right here, in my room.”


I nodded at her once before I bowed to her as well, “My name is Teana. I will be in your care starting from today.”


Alyssa raised her eyebrows slightly as she spoke, “Hee… So… you’re the rumored girl, huh? Quite a polite one, aren’t you? Well, just relax. It might be just for 3 years but you can think of this place as your home until you graduate. Oh yeah… hmm… wait here for a bit.”


The woman entered her room again and closed the door behind her but I could hear her voice from the other side like “where did I put it…” and sounds of thing being moved as if she was searching for something. It was several minutes later before the door was opened and she showed up in front of me once again as she handed me several piece of papers and a key.


“There we go, that is the complete map of the school. Take your time to memorize it if possible, wouldn’t want to get lost on your first class, right? The other one is the set of rules of this dormitory, don’t break any of them and we’ll be cool with each other. Break one and you deal with me, trust me, you won’t like it when I’m angry. Finally, that key is your room key, it got your room number on it and it has to be returned to me every time you’re going out of the dormitory area. Are we clear so far?”


I studied each items that she handed me, taking mental note that none of the rules seem out of ordinary even from my limited other world memory, before I finally nodded as I answered, “I understand. Thank you.”


She smiled at me as she replied, “You’re welcome. Well, you should go to your room and unpack now. Dinner will be served at the dormitory dining hall in about… an hour, I guess. Well, dinner time isn’t mandatory but since this is your first day, I highly recommend you attending at least to get to know your yearmates and senpais.”


I nodded at her once again, “I understand, thank you for your advice. Good evening.”


I bowed at her one last time with Lumieria-sama before we left toward the main stairway. After a short climb on the stair, a pair of gold colored plates on the wall were visible showing with the numbers “101 – 120 ®” and below it was “¬ 121 – 140”. Even with one look, it was obvious that the numbers were referring to the room numbers and which side of the wing they were located on.


Lumieria-sama turned to me as she asked, “So, what’s your room number?”


I showed her my room key and the number “115” was engraved on the metal plate hanging on it. By the way, according to my memory, it was the same number as the heroine character would have gotten in the game anyway so at least, it seemed that some of the details from the game would remain the same.


Lumieria-sama looked at the engraved number before smiling back at me, “Ahh, on the right wing, hmm? Let’s go then.”


I followed the blonde as she led me down the hallway before stopping at the room with the plate number “115” on it. I inserted the key into the keyhole and turned it before a soft click came from the door signaling that it has been unlocked. As if to test it, I put my hand on the handle before turning it and sure enough, the door swung open inward.


I turned to Lumieria-sama and bowed at her, “Thank you for guiding me so far, Lumieria-sama.”


The blonde waved her hand several times with a smile as she replied, “Please don’t mention it, it was no trouble at all.” She then pointed toward the door across my room with the plate “112” on it before continuing, “By the way, my room is right there so we will be neighbors for a while. Let’s get along, okay? Speaking of which, if it is possible, please call me Melisa. “Lumieria-sama” makes me feel like my father is somewhere nearby.”


As the blonde finished with a playful wink, I couldn’t help but smile back as I replied, “Understood… well… I will address you as Melisa-sama from now on then, is that okay?” I bowed at her one last time as I continued, “Well, please take care of me from now on.”


Lumieria-sama… no, Melisa-sama’s expression looked noticeably brighter as she replied, “Naturally.” She too bowed in response as she continued, “Likewise, please take care of me too, Teana-sama.”


We exchanged a mutual giggle before she spoke again before leaving, “Well, I better leave you for now so you can get settled down and freshen up before dinner. I’ll see you later?”


I nodded at her in response, “Un, I’ll see you later.”


After she left, I finally entered my room for the first time. I clicked the switch next to the door to turn a magic light hanging on the ceiling on, allowing me to take in the interior of the room clearly. Surprisingly, contrary to the lavish school building and complex that I’ve seen so far, the interior of the room was rather basic and simple. A single bed along the wall on the left side, a desk and chair sitting next to it at the far side of the wall and a wardrobe is located directly to the left of the entrance and finally another door at the other end of the room that lead to the shower and toilet for my personal use. I also noticed that my luggage, or the lack of it since I only brought a single suitcase with me, had been placed at the corner of the room waiting to be unpacked.


Due to the size of the room, it seemed that while most of the basic necessities were provided, it was possible to put some additional furniture and personal touch in the room. Since the students would stay in the same room for their 3 years of education except for special circumstances, it seemed that the design and size of the room had been in consideration for such happening.


I headed straight to the bed and half laid on top of it with my arms spread as I thought to myself, ‘Okay… if the sequence of event is like it was in the game… the first event should be during the dinner where the heroine would encounter and introduced to the rest of the rival characters. My memory seemed to be at least quite complete when it comes to the game knowledge… still, I better make a list later on things that might happen and how to deal with it…. Let’s be clear though… being a queen is out of the question….’


After a while, I finally picked myself up from the bed before heading toward my suitcase and removed a dress, a set of underwear and my towel from inside. With the items in hand, I headed toward the shower room for a quick shower. My mind however was still filled with the thought of the upcoming first event, ‘Come hell and high water, I won’t let it goes like the game….’





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The Reincarnated Heroine is a Matchmaker?!

Prologue: The Omen


Peeking out of the carriage window, I gazed up unto the massive gate before me as I unconsciously hardened my grip on the handle of the trunk containing my few possessions. The gate itself was easily more than 10 meters tall made of iron and elaborately decorated while at the top was the country’s symbol, a pair of dragons coiling and facing each other with a crown right between them. Finally, above it were elaborate letters spelling “Dragonica Royal Magic Academy”.


As the gate slowly opened, suddenly an image… no, a memory surfaced in my mind along with a sharp pain on my head. I pulled myself back into the carriage before putting my forehead on my palm as I tried to ease the pain. At the same time, a thought crossed my mind, ‘Wha… I’ve… seen this before…. It’s… different somewhat but… it’s definitely the same scene….’


While I was distracted by the pain and image, the carriage had stopped and the coach quickly opened the door before speaking, “Well, ojou-chan. We’ve arrived, you need to get down quickly or you’ll be late for the new student greeting.”


Holding back the pain, I quickly exited the carriage before the coach closed the door and drove the carriage back toward the gate. I looked before me was a huge… building, I believe it was called a mansion? Or a chateau? I didn’t know why I know those words but I didn’t pay attention to it since my headache was getting stronger since I looked at the building… again, image flashed in my head showing similar scene which I had no memory of….


I took a few deep breaths in attempt to suppress the headache as much as possible just in time as I heard a female voice next to me. I turned to look at the person and saw a woman, probably around mid 30s with wavy brown hair standing there with a concerned look as she spoke, “Are you okay there? Are you a new student?”


Since the persistent headache prevented me from making coherent words to speak, I decide to simply nod at her silently. The woman gave me a gentle smile as she spoke, “Well, do you have the invitation letter?” Again, I nodded as I took out a letter from my dress pocket before handing it to the woman.


She opened the letter and read it before her eyes widen as she turned back to me with a shocked expression for a second before turning back to the letter as she muttered, ‘I see… so this is the girl with light magic….’


Finally, the woman closed the letter as she turned to me with a smile, “Well, everything seems to be in order… First, let me welcome you, Miss Teana to Dragonica Royal Magic Academy. My name is Maria Valleris, you may call me Miss Maria or Miss Valleris, I teach History for first year classes which means I will be one of your teacher in class. If you would follow me, I will take you to the staff room to register your enrollment and arrange your luggage to be taken to your room.”


With Miss Valleris’ help, I managed to go through the enrollment process smoothly. She finally glanced toward the clock post nearby before speaking again, “Well, look at the time, I think it is best that you go to the auditorium hall. Since I’m on my way there too, you can come with me.” I managed to nod before I started to follow behind her. As I walked behind her, I noticed that it seemed that the auditorium hall wasn’t inside the main building but in separate building dedicated exclusively for its use.


As we reached the building, Miss Valeris lead me through the open door before telling me to find a seat as she went toward the teachers section. I looked around the hall and noticed that the auditorium was designed like a classic theater or coliseum. As I scanned through the seating area, I realized that nearly all of the seats had been taken, leaving only a few left. I managed to find an empty seat nearby and quickly made my way there. Just in time it seemed as not long after I took a seat, the entry door was closed and a man stepped onto the podium.


As my headache got worse every second, I barely managed to catch the man introducing himself as the headmaster. By the time the headmaster finished his speech which I barely even hear a word of, the pain was so bad that I was barely managed to stay conscious. I was having trouble to keep my eyes open until the headmaster got down from the podium to be replaced by a young man wearing our school’s uniform. One last image flashed through my mind like a lightning bolt as I looked at him before suddenly everything around me went dark. The last thought that crossed my mind was, ‘… Rose Waltz….’

AN: My first attempt to write original story… and its a -hopefully- different Otome Game reincarnation story. English is not my first language so… please forgive me for poor grammar. If anyone is willing to be my editor, do send a message and we’ll get in touch 🙂


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